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Is Your Marketing T-shaped?


T-Shaped Marketing 

I’m having an argument with a client. Actually, my client and I are on the same side. We’re having a somewhat friendly argument with an event partner. And it goes a little something like this…


Event partner: Events are really expensive to produce, and hard to scale. If we turn our attention to creating digital content, we can reach more people for less money. That means you get more for your sponsorship dollar!


The client & I: That is true. But consider this: People love your events. They save up money to buy tickets, pay for gas, food, hotel rooms; they take off work or school to drive or fly in; they tell their friends about their plans to go to the events, and about their experience afterwards. While they’re at the event, they’re totally immersed in the experience, interacting with sponsors, spending time with friends and making new ones. That doesn’t happen when you watch a video online.


So which is it? Do you create experiences, which are costly, cumbersome, limited by geography and the laws of physics, but also memorable and meaningful? Or do you invest in digital content, which is fun and easy to share, and relatively inexpensive, but more superficial in terms of the emotional connections you create?


The answer is simple: both. Today, your marketing needs to be T-shaped. That is, it needs to be deep and rich, and at the same time shareable and scalable.


If you aren’t willing to make the kind of investment it takes to build a brand that is meaningful to your audience, why would you expect the audience to make an investment in you?

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