time management

Wasting Time

Found this on the Touchstone site. The average person wastes 150 hours a year. Don't be one of those people!

Think about where you are wasting time that you can get back, for yourself. That time you could be sleeping, working out, practicing your art, traveling, or putting to good use to make more money for yourself and help Rebel Industries build a better company. You could be learning, exploring, growing. Or just having more fun.

How many meetings are you in that you don't need to be in? Or that don't need to happen at all? How much time are you spending commuting to an office you don't really need?

How many conversations are you having more than once with the same people? How many times do you have to repeat yourself because other people aren't communicating?

How much time is spent because someone was out of the loop? Because expectations were not clearly communicated? Because what was said was not understood?

It's amazing to think about what we might be able to accomplish if we could just get out of our own way.