Holiday Ads

I don't get to watch too much television but the "tube" is on from time to time and this Target ad caught my attention.

I'm not sure if it's because it was my children love to dance and they play with or ask for all of these electronic toys but once again, like the Kia Soul commercial, it's inspiring that people my age have great impact at the ad agencies that work for these companies (go mid 30 yr olds!). Target totally hit the nail on the head with the items on tweener holiday wish lists, except for maybe the iPad.

There is also a Vons holiday spot, not available on the web, that caught my eye for different reasons. It's your typical "yum, check out the succulent dishes you can make with food from our store" and it ends in a great view of a holiday spread featuring a sliced ham. Now I'm sure there are a variety of ways to display a ham. I saw quite a few while looking for a sample to post. The ham image in the Vons spot resembled this one and I wondered if the fine young folks who dressed the set had a good chuckle when placing one of these. They shouldn't call it "spread eagle", they should call it "sliced ham".

Now, here is the most ridiculous one this season. It's a stunning view of Small World at Disneyland lit up all aglow that plays often and is featured on several billboards for my daughter to ask "Mickey Mouse house, mommy?" Why is this ridiculous? Because you get to Disneyland and after dusk, they do this fantastic light show... every 15 minutes... and they don't let you go inside. You're kidding me, right?

Seen any fun holiday ads lately?