MLG This Weekend

Major League Gaming makes its way back to Los Angeles this weekend: July 29-31. Thousands of young guys decent on the Anaheim Convention Center — armed with their Xbox, PS3 controllers, and keyboards — for three days of non-stop, hard-core competitive gaming.

Image Source: Dr. Pepper's Facebook Fan Page

For the fourth straight season, Rebel manages sponsorship activation for Dr Pepper at MLG events. Come see our team in action as the Dr Pepper Girls give out free sodas and prizes, and use their skills to whip the guys of MLG into a frenzy.

Image Source: Dr. Pepper's Facebook Fan Page

If your job involves marketing to teen boys and young men, you cannot afford to miss this. Send me a note if you're coming out and I'll show you around.

Coke is a Grassroots Marketer // Random Thoughts

In a recent Advertising Age article, "Coca-Cola Lays Out Its Vision for the Future," Coke CEO Muhtar Kent talked about how his company has gotten back on track, after saying "There was a period when our company did lose its way," he said. "We were too internally focused and not focused enough on the changes taking place with our consumers and customers. In essence, we were too busy looking at the dashboard and were not sufficiently paying attention to the world outside of our windshield."

Think about it. If the world's largest brand, with all of its resources, can lose track of consumers, can't this happen to your brand as well?

Now think about this. If the world's largest brand, with all of its bureaucracy, can find its way back on track, learn how to leverage technology, and change, "from purely mass marketing to one-on-one marketing," can't your brand do the same?