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Emirates // Don't Believe the Hype

Emirates ad on the BART in San Francisco Does this even need explaining?

It's an ad for Emirates first class that I saw yesterday on the BART in San Francisco. I also saw the same campaign on a city bus. They're advertising their flight experience where apparently you get your own Manhattan-sized apartment. Rated one of the 10 best in the world by MSNBC, tickets average over seven grand. The guy sitting in front of the ad paid — just like I did — $3 for his BART ticket.

What are they thinking?

Emirates does not need mass marketing. They need highly targeted, highly relevant marketing to affluent individuals and the right businesses. Neither I nor the folks waiting at the bus stop qualify.

Here's what they should do:

1. Fire their media agency.

2. Advertise in places like ASmallWorld, LinkedIn, and Xing, where the ads can be highly targeted and interactive, and they have a greater chance of reaching the right people.

3. Participate in some of the networking events we're doing for high net worth individuals. We haven't talked about that yet on this blog, but I'll be happy to fill you in if you contact me. Basically, you can get face-to-face with people by facilitating their lifestyle interests. In exchange, you get a few moments of their attention, and the goodwill that comes with sponsoring someone's passions.

Or, you can advertise on a bus.