Word on the Street: Episode One

Word on the Street: Episode One

It's finally done. This spring, Rebel Industries kicked off a new event series we're calling Word on the Street — interviews with top marketers who are setting the example for the rest of us in terms of genuine consumer engagement.

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Four Steps To Becoming a Marketing Rockstar


Recently, one of our Young Rebels asked for my recommendations for classes she could take to learn more about marketing.

First of all, props to you, Andrea, for your curiosity and for taking the initiative to ask. Those will serve you well at Rebel and in life. Big up yourself!

Any guesses about my response to her? Well, you might guess that my answer was probably a little more complex than she had hoped.

First, I cautioned that traditional marketing education probably wasn't the best use of her time and money. She expected that from me. I did mention a couple of my friends who teach at UCLA Extension.

But mostly I recommended that she turn the world into her classroom:

Find people at similar stages in their careers and build her network of friends that she can compare notes with, trade ideas and create a support system. In my opinion, this is the most important thing someone can do to build a successful career in any industry.

After that, read the trades. They're far from great, but they at least provide a baseline of knowledge about what's happening in our business and they key players she should be watching.

Next, study our our work for clients. What challenges do they face, and what solutions do we recommend? What works and what doesn't? She can look beyond the projects she's directly involved with and gain a broader understanding of the landscape real-time. She'll find a lot more detail and context in our activities than she can get from reading third-party case studies, which tend to be overly optimistic and gloss over all of the pitfalls that plague marketers and agencies.

Last, read lots of books that offer new ideas and perspectives. Don't accept everything you read, but constantly challenge your own beliefs and conventional wisdom. To get a little help with this, I went to my Facebook friends and asked for recommendations for her. The best suggestions:

Permission Marketing, Seth Godin Grow, Jim Stengel Simplicity Marketing, Steven Cristol Guerrilla Marketing, J. Conrad Levinson The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell Positioning, Al Ries and Jack Trout Good to Great, Jim Collins

To start, I gave Andrea a copy of Permission Marketing, because I think it sets the stage to the unique approach we take at Rebel. We are by no means permission marketers in exactly the way that Seth intended, but his theories have guided a lot of what we do, and the book signaled a fundamental shift away from the status quo, which has proven over and over not to work. I think that's the right mindset to get her started.

What other books, classes, or ideas would you recommend to help a young marketer, or an old one, continue down the right path? Leave your answers in the comments.


Great presentation by Graham Brown,founder of Mobile Youth. He's a super smart guy connected with other super smart people all over the world(including me, if you leave out the super smart part), teaching brands how to connect with young consumers.

I just got my copy of his new book, All Is Social (thanks Graham!). The subtitle — Social Thinking and the End of the Big Idea expresses an idea I've been saying for years: Ideas are nothing, action is everything.

The road to hell has so far has been paved with big ideas, which is advertising-speak for an idea developed by a creative director with a big ego and bought by a client who isn't really paying attention. In most cases, these ideas are not driven by any real knowledge of how consumers really live.

Discretionary income is in the hands of an educated generation with exacting standards. Brown's book talks about the shift away from big agency ideas that throw money at an invisible consumer. At the very least you come away with a discussion on the new keys to brand success, but more importantly it's a story about the new global community and the social codes that connect us all. Read the book and let us know what you think.


Rebel Named to Event Marketer It List





Check it!

Rebel Industries was included in Event Marketer's 2012 Agency It List. Although the list didn't specify, we're sure they meant to put us at #1.

We'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate our 99 runners-up.

We'd also like to thank the obviously brilliant and highly selective minds at Event Marketer for seeing fit to feature us in what they describe as the "strongest It List in a decade."

Introducing… OM Cocktails

OM stands for Organic Mixology. The new brand, launched this month in California, is bringing all-natural, organic ingredients to the ready-to-drink cocktail segment.

The brand was created by my good friend Jason Monkarsh and renowned mixologist-author Natalie Bovis of The Liquid Muse. Together, they created a product that not only tastes great, but also delivers on the brand promise: Cocktails That Give Back. OM's stylish bottles are eco-friendly and they plant a tree for every bottle you buy.

More details here.

I'm very excited that Rebel Industries will be handling marketing duties for OM. Watch this space to see the madness unfold. And if you're around the LA area, pick up a bottle and let us know what you think.