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Denny's Free Grand Slam // Hate It or Love It

Christie (my wife) called from the road to say there's a line outside Denny's, presumably of people wanting to take advantage of the free Grand Slam offer. What's great about it? Everyone loves free food. And in the current economic climate, (almost) anyone giving away free stuff is on the right track towards building relationships with customers.

What's wrong with it? Despite the fact that I learned about this through grassroots methods, Denny's also advertised the offer on the Super Bowl and in USA Today. So it cost them way more than the free food to give away free food. More importantly, they missed an amazing opportunity to do something underground, and dare I say, cool? I propose that the long-term positive effects for the brand would have been much greater if they'd let consumers discover it on their own and spread the word. Some easy, inexpensive social media and guerilla outreach might have sparked a lot more interest in Denny's overall.

Your turn: Do you love this idea or hate it? Tell us why.