Tacos 2.0: Camarena Style














Last summer, Rebel Industries launched a mobile marketing program to promote Camarena Tequila. Instead of the usual pouring drinks at parties where nobody cares what they're drinking as long as it's free — our concept was simple: Hire a great chef; give away delicious Mexican food (made from recipes infused with Camarena), and let people discover the brand through Twitter, Facebook, and local food blogs.

It was a hit. Turns out, people love free delicious food. And they loved the tequila, and the fact that the brand was out doing something interesting.

So, to take things up a few notches, this month we have relaunched for 2011. Three trucks, starting in LA, Tampa, and Miami, that will move around the country throughout spring and summer. In each market, we've hired a hot local chef to create original Camarena-tequila infused menus.

  • In Miami, we have Jose Gonzalez of Gourmet Event Caterers, graduate of the French Culinary Institute, and former executive chef at 10 Degrees bar in New York
  • In Orlando, Andy Williams, James Beard chef and winner of Wine Spectator's Award of Excellence
  • In Tampa, Alfredo Rodriguez, private chef and former executive chef at Cardozo Hotel
  • In LA, José Briceño, sous chef at Rivera

If you don't live in one of those cities, stay tuned. Camarena is most likely coming to your town later this year. We'll keep you posted with new chef announcements and happenings.

If you like good food and tequila, I hope you'll come out and visit one of our trucks. You can find the trucks' whereabouts here. If you have a special event and want to bring the truck out to serve your guests, hit us up here.

We're also doing invitation-only kickoff events in select markets. If you want to be on the invite list, post a comment below and we'll make it happen.

4.5 Million Fans! So What?

You've got 4.5 million fans. What are you going to do next? Take the summer off.

As marketers we evaluate a partner's social media profiles and compare the tangible numbers -  views, fans, followers, you name it. What are these numbers worth if these partners aren't using these media to move their crowd?

Trust me, I'm a fan of Nutella in a bad way. Ask anyone who's eaten at my house. But I'm not a fan of their social media strategy. In January of 2009, Nutella's Facebook page was ranked No. 4 in a contest for the most fans with 2.1 million "likes." Apparently, they slipped to #25 in the same contest the following year, still with little to no updates since they joined Facebook. Oh, but they're not shaking in their boots about slipping. Two weeks ago they "combined" their fan pages into one international profile that has a whopping 4.2 million fans and then they went on summer vacation and closed their wall. Ummm, ok.

Perhaps there's nothing to announce. No cause to get behind. No change up in the recipe (thank goodness). It just seems like a missed opportunity to have an audience of 4.2 million fans and no content, no voice to express. Could they have cross promoted their giveaway or  branded gear? Could they have told us the history of how the company came to be? Maybe fans would have shared Nutella recipes after they saw some great ideas posted?  Maybe there's a strategy to it and now, since they're back from summer vacation, we'll experience the brilliance.

If you need help optimizing your social media profile, call a Rebel.


Tasty 100% Blue Agave Tequila? Check.

Taco truck fitted with a bumpin' sound system? Check.

Tequila infused menu created by a world-class chef? Check.

Delicious free Mexican food all summer long? Check and check.

Wait, wait...what???

We hope you didn't miss it. Yesterday was the last day of a summer-long promotion featuring free food courtesy of Famila Camarena Tequila. But we don't want the free food to distract you from what's really important… the tequila baby! Prominent Los Angeles food blogger Street Gourmet LA says "Its the best tequila at its price point!" and Rebel is delivering the samples.

Familia Camarena and Rebel enlisted chef to the stars and owner of Recess in Glendale, Chef Sevan Azarian to create an original tequila-infused menu that was served from the truck. Asada, carnitas, and pollo, all marinated in Camarena Tequila. What ever you want, we got it (well almost). Even a veggie option!

The truck was sent rolling around greater Los Angeles from June through August hitting shopping areas, nightclubs, and lifestyle events like: DTLA Art Walk, World Cup screenings at Nike Montalban Theatre, the LA Street Food Fest, and was even featured in Static Revenger's new video for Vega$. We also did a private house party with a performance by Bruno Mars.

Check out more pictures here: Camarena Taco Truckin'

As you might have guessed, the truck was extremely well received. I mean c'mon, who doesn't want free tacos? The free food is definitely an attraction in itself, but again we're here for the tequila. Just ask Elvis, he's down with Camarena.

The story doesn't stop here. The GPS on the truck let Angelenos find us anytime, anywhere. And we also broadcast our whereabouts on &

The truck is going on hiatus for fall, but something tells me you'll see it again somewhere.

Special thanks to Orion Car Audio for the crazy sound hookup.


Cause Marketing: Make it Hurt

All of our clients are thinking and talking about cause marketing. Some of them are taking action. We saw a bit of research recently confirming that Gen Y is more willing to support a brand who associates with a cause. And especially since the Haiti earthquake, corporate helpfulness is on everyone's mind... ...So, I'm at the Larder at Tavern last weekend ordering lunch to go. I notice next to the register a sign that says something to the effect of Tavern supports the people of Haiti. Their gesture: buy a sandwich, bag of chips, cookie, and an apple for $16, and $3 of that goes to Haiti.

You'll have to forgive my math, but if calculations are correct, this means they want 13 bucks for a bag lunch. This is not cause marketing, this is bullshit. In fact, look at their website and the same combo is $15, so they're throwing on an extra dollar and only losing two on the deal.

Forget about the prices of the food. Tavern is expensive but we go there anyway because the food is very good. Or not. That's not the point here, and this is not an anti-Tavern post. The point is that they made two major mistakes that can teach us a valuable lesson.

First, we want you to give until it hurts. How about the whole $16 goes to the earthquake victims? At the very least, tell us how much the food costs and then give the rest to the cause. Don't want to be that transparent about your profit margins, fine, then give the whole thing. The point is that we feel bad for the people who are in pain, and we want to support brands who will share some of that pain. Put up or shut up.

Second, you have to be more specific about where the money is going. Don't tell us it's going to Haiti. Name the organization, or the particular program. Partly because we may not believe you without specifics, and partly because we want to know that you've invested time and energy into caring, not just our money.

What do you think? Have you done any cause marketing? And how well has it worked? Post a comment.