Rebel Named to Event Marketer It List





Check it!

Rebel Industries was included in Event Marketer's 2012 Agency It List. Although the list didn't specify, we're sure they meant to put us at #1.

We'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate our 99 runners-up.

We'd also like to thank the obviously brilliant and highly selective minds at Event Marketer for seeing fit to feature us in what they describe as the "strongest It List in a decade."

MLG This Weekend

Major League Gaming makes its way back to Los Angeles this weekend: July 29-31. Thousands of young guys decent on the Anaheim Convention Center — armed with their Xbox, PS3 controllers, and keyboards — for three days of non-stop, hard-core competitive gaming.

Image Source: Dr. Pepper's Facebook Fan Page

For the fourth straight season, Rebel manages sponsorship activation for Dr Pepper at MLG events. Come see our team in action as the Dr Pepper Girls give out free sodas and prizes, and use their skills to whip the guys of MLG into a frenzy.

Image Source: Dr. Pepper's Facebook Fan Page

If your job involves marketing to teen boys and young men, you cannot afford to miss this. Send me a note if you're coming out and I'll show you around.

Tacos 2.0: Camarena Style














Last summer, Rebel Industries launched a mobile marketing program to promote Camarena Tequila. Instead of the usual pouring drinks at parties where nobody cares what they're drinking as long as it's free — our concept was simple: Hire a great chef; give away delicious Mexican food (made from recipes infused with Camarena), and let people discover the brand through Twitter, Facebook, and local food blogs.

It was a hit. Turns out, people love free delicious food. And they loved the tequila, and the fact that the brand was out doing something interesting.

So, to take things up a few notches, this month we have relaunched for 2011. Three trucks, starting in LA, Tampa, and Miami, that will move around the country throughout spring and summer. In each market, we've hired a hot local chef to create original Camarena-tequila infused menus.

  • In Miami, we have Jose Gonzalez of Gourmet Event Caterers, graduate of the French Culinary Institute, and former executive chef at 10 Degrees bar in New York
  • In Orlando, Andy Williams, James Beard chef and winner of Wine Spectator's Award of Excellence
  • In Tampa, Alfredo Rodriguez, private chef and former executive chef at Cardozo Hotel
  • In LA, José Briceño, sous chef at Rivera

If you don't live in one of those cities, stay tuned. Camarena is most likely coming to your town later this year. We'll keep you posted with new chef announcements and happenings.

If you like good food and tequila, I hope you'll come out and visit one of our trucks. You can find the trucks' whereabouts here. If you have a special event and want to bring the truck out to serve your guests, hit us up here.

We're also doing invitation-only kickoff events in select markets. If you want to be on the invite list, post a comment below and we'll make it happen.

Me and Goji // Down With Us

Probably not the best time for this idea, but it's pretty cool.

Short answer is Me and Goji is DIY breakfast cereal. A fairly simple, almost fun interface lets you combine healthy and exotic ingredients to make your own cereal. Then you click Order and get a "cereal capsule" of it sent to your house.

It's really expensive. I just paid $18 (including shipping) for roughly two boxes worth of my own concoction I called Spelt Golden Goose Chia. Not a great name, I know. But informative, because just typing the name reminds me that I combined spelt flakes, golden raisins, gooseberries, and some seed I'd never heard of called chia. Looks super tasty and healthy, perfect for someone like me who loves cereal and also eats healthy. No Cocoa Puffs for me, and Kashi gets so boring.

The great business lesson here is that people will pay extra for brands who combine experience with shopping. You know, that old Experience Economy thing.

The cost will come down the more people like you participate, enabling the company to buy more to expand past the early adopters. It's an example of demand driving down price, which is a bit counter-intuitive, but happens more than you might think. So get to shopping!