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Is Your Marketing T-shaped?

T-Shaped Marketing  I’m having an argument with a client. Actually, my client and I are on the same side. We’re having a somewhat friendly argument with an event partner. And it goes a little something like this…


Event partner: Events are really expensive to produce, and hard to scale. If we turn our attention to creating digital content, we can reach more people for less money. That means you get more for your sponsorship dollar!


The client & I: That is true. But consider this: People love your events. They save up money to buy tickets, pay for gas, food, hotel rooms; they take off work or school to drive or fly in; they tell their friends about their plans to go to the events, and about their experience afterwards. While they’re at the event, they’re totally immersed in the experience, interacting with sponsors, spending time with friends and making new ones. That doesn’t happen when you watch a video online.


So which is it? Do you create experiences, which are costly, cumbersome, limited by geography and the laws of physics, but also memorable and meaningful? Or do you invest in digital content, which is fun and easy to share, and relatively inexpensive, but more superficial in terms of the emotional connections you create?


The answer is simple: both. Today, your marketing needs to be T-shaped. That is, it needs to be deep and rich, and at the same time shareable and scalable.


If you aren’t willing to make the kind of investment it takes to build a brand that is meaningful to your audience, why would you expect the audience to make an investment in you?

MLG This Weekend

Major League Gaming makes its way back to Los Angeles this weekend: July 29-31. Thousands of young guys decent on the Anaheim Convention Center — armed with their Xbox, PS3 controllers, and keyboards — for three days of non-stop, hard-core competitive gaming.

Image Source: Dr. Pepper's Facebook Fan Page

For the fourth straight season, Rebel manages sponsorship activation for Dr Pepper at MLG events. Come see our team in action as the Dr Pepper Girls give out free sodas and prizes, and use their skills to whip the guys of MLG into a frenzy.

Image Source: Dr. Pepper's Facebook Fan Page

If your job involves marketing to teen boys and young men, you cannot afford to miss this. Send me a note if you're coming out and I'll show you around.

Engaging the $$$ Audience // Headlines: Rebel Makes News

rebel-lamborghini-eventLast month Rebel produced the first in a series of ultra-high-end house parties. This one, which we called A Taste of Tuscany, The Thrill of Sant'Agata, was designed to provide high net worth (HNW) individuals with an amazing experience and exposure to a handful of relevant brands. Presented by Lamborghini, it was hosted by a consortium of leading professionals who serve the HNW market: Curtis Estes of Northwestern Mutual, master platinumsmith Philip Press, Mauricio Umansky of Hilton & Hyland real estate, and Houck Construction's David Houck. Each of the hosts and sponsors got to invite their best clients, who then had the opportunity to invite friends to share in the experience.

Oh, the experience: Guests were treated to sneak previews of Lamborghini models not yet available for sale, including the opportunity to take test drives on-site. We offered wine and caviar tasting courtesy of Cinquain Cellars and 4Black River Caviar, respectively, and amazing appetizers and dinner prepared by chef & sommelier Erik Kelley of the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills. Smart Water was also on hand, and Angeleno Magazine provided gift bags with gifts from Frederic Fekkai and Silversea Cruises.

5Perhaps the most exciting part was the mini exotic car show in the front of the Bel Air estate where we had the party. A total of 23 Lamborghinis and other exotics — some of them one-of-a-kind — were on display courtesy of their respective owners.

Why am I telling you all of this? The program is a great example of a way to gain relevance with your audience by giving them something they value. Even more, it's a way to get creative about sharing resources with partners who complement 3each other. Whether you need to reach the HNW crowd, urban youth, or working moms, the rules still apply: give them something they want.

Results are still coming in, but at least a couple of the parties involved have already made sales directly related to the event, and we'll be continuing this series through the rest of the year. Contact me if you want to see the case study, learn about sponsorship opportunities, or just want an invite to the next one.

Thanks to everyone who attended, and special thanks to Luxe Communications for helping make it happen.

To see a selection of photos from this event that will either make you hungry or want to drive fast, visit our flickr page.