dr pepper girls

Team Building with the Dr Pepper Girls












Here at Rebel, we think of our team in broader terms than usual. That's why we invited the                 Dr Pepper Girls, a very important extension of said "Team Rebel," on an action packed team-building experience in Disneyland.

We sympathize for those of you out there who may have been victims of a corporate team-building experience gone wrong. You know the ones when you hear something like, "We will be executing trust-falls and other team games all afternoon to focus on building our communication skills, teamwork, and improving overall efficiency." If your eyes didn't roll reading that, you are definitely on the wrong blog!

What's the point in writing a post about team-building if you just want to break all the rules? (Ahem, we are called Rebel Industries for a reason.) We wanted to prove that it doesn't have to be a dreadful and boring experience.

How can you do it? Take your people to interesting places, invite fun and relevant people to join you, and don't be afraid to add a hint of your own culture into the mix.

Go on, take a peak at what we did!