@MakeMeLaugh // Random Thoughts

twitterMashable's article on "85 Comedians to Follow on Twitter" gave me a business idea. If you're a comedian, why not develop your brand by spitting out jokes in 140 character increments? If you can make me laugh with short quips, there's a good chance I'd not only follow you on Twitter, I'd also follow you to the club and to your HBO special.

With all the hype around Twitter and social networking in general, it seems I can't go a whole day anymore without someone asking "What do you think about Twitter? I just don't get it." Thing is, it's not for you to get, it's for you to use to demonstrate your brand in a way that makes people want to follow you — and as in the above example, not just on Twitter. The skeptics are correct: nobody really cares what you're having for lunch (although I'm often guilty of tweeting my eating) or that you, too, are really sad about the latest celebrity passing, or that you have a new press release to spam out to the world. But if you can find ways to inspire, inform, or entertain in a sentence or two, then it can be an important tool for getting people to like your brand.

What can you say in 140 characters that will make people care about you?

By the way, most of the example posts from the comedians Mashable suggests are not actually funny. But, I did pick out a couple of my favorites...