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Attention Students! Young Rebels Wanted

Are you passionate about culture, trends, and lifestyle movements? Do your friends turn to you to learn about what's cool? Are you full of unique ideas on ways brands can touch consumers? Rebel Industries is looking for dynamic, social, and driven students who desire to exercise their creativity. Please click here to apply: Rebel Internship Application

Check out what our last 2 Young Rebels had to say about their experience.

"After scrolling through endless intern match websites looking for a spring internship, I knew I wanted to work at Rebel simply because of the name. I mean, they must have cool T-shirts right? Of course, it ended up being more than just the name. Coming out of my freshman year at NYU, I knew I wanted to work in marketing, but I didn’t really know what the marketing industry was. Rebel was the perfect introduction. In a business that is always changing, Rebel showed me what it means to be on the cusp of what’s new, innovative, and effective. Not only is the Rebel team good at what they do, but also they are also kind, welcoming people. They listen to your questions and encourage your goals. Instead of fetching coffee, I photographed events for clients. Instead of quietly sitting in on company meetings, I participated. Rebel may be “The Brand Activists,” but they are also paving the way in the college internship experience, making them “The Intern Activists” in my book. Rebel rocks. " - Sophie Everhard, NYU

"I was amazed by their unique company culture. Rebel facilitates your individual growth, in business and personal. I was given the the opportunity to work with the production team and utilize my education in communications to work on various stages of a project. I faced many challenges through the development phases but that experience helped me harness my creativity in problem solving. I hope others seeking internships will have the opportunity to work with this company. They not only go above and beyond for their clients but also for their team." - James Soriano, Cal State Fullerton