4.5 Million Fans! So What?

You've got 4.5 million fans. What are you going to do next? Take the summer off.

As marketers we evaluate a partner's social media profiles and compare the tangible numbers -  views, fans, followers, you name it. What are these numbers worth if these partners aren't using these media to move their crowd?

Trust me, I'm a fan of Nutella in a bad way. Ask anyone who's eaten at my house. But I'm not a fan of their social media strategy. In January of 2009, Nutella's Facebook page was ranked No. 4 in a contest for the most fans with 2.1 million "likes." Apparently, they slipped to #25 in the same contest the following year, still with little to no updates since they joined Facebook. Oh, but they're not shaking in their boots about slipping. Two weeks ago they "combined" their fan pages into one international profile that has a whopping 4.2 million fans and then they went on summer vacation and closed their wall. Ummm, ok.

Perhaps there's nothing to announce. No cause to get behind. No change up in the recipe (thank goodness). It just seems like a missed opportunity to have an audience of 4.2 million fans and no content, no voice to express. Could they have cross promoted their giveaway or  branded gear? Could they have told us the history of how the company came to be? Maybe fans would have shared Nutella recipes after they saw some great ideas posted?  Maybe there's a strategy to it and now, since they're back from summer vacation, we'll experience the brilliance.

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