Pandora x Blue Moon // Random Thoughts

I clicked on a banner ad the other day! Not the first time it's ever happened, but pretty close to it. I, like most of you I'm sure, ignore banners as a general rule. But for some reason, today was different.

The ad in question was promoting the Blue Moon station on Pandora internet radio. What made the difference between this and almost every other banner ad I've ever seen?

- I already like Pandora. Been using the service for years, and I have close to a dozen stations set up.

- I already like Blue Moon. Not just because my friend Robin works there and they've sponsored some of our events, although she is the reason I tried it in the first place. I was pretty skeptical of the idea of a beer made by Coors Brewing Company, but it's really good.

Truth be told, the ad takes you to Pandora and adds the Blue Moon station to your station list. The programming is holiday music — the first song was Frank Sinatra singing Auld Lang Syne — not really my thing, so I probably won't be back. But that's another story.
The lesson here is that in today's environment, banner ads and other "traditional" advertising only perform in an environment that is already friendly. In fact, in our research for Honda this summer, urban teens told us exactly that about product placement: It resonates when it's for a brand they already like, but would not make them like a brand they weren't into.
It takes us back to the 4-Cs: Really knowing your Customers creates power. It creates the ability to do Contribute to their Communities and develop Content that will make them click your banners.