Three Great Brand Experiences at E3

I had the opportunity to work behind the scenes at this year's E3 Expo, creating an activation for Ubisoft's Watch Dog fanatics. The not-yet released Watch Dogs comes out in November 2013. As such, I was one of the few to witness some great brand experiences. Three of them are outlined below:



1. Live Demo Presentation

Fans, including gaming professionals, media, and general audiences alike, are dying to get a peak of the live demo presentation at E3. Not surprisingly, there was a wait of 2.5 hours to experience the live demo with Watch Dogs producers, demo-ists, and lead game-makers in an intimate 24-seat, live demo presentation to viewers. I was excited when Steven Spielberg showed up for the demo!



2. Game Makers playing live with General Audiences

One of my personal favorite activations was Just Dance 2014. The center of the Ubisoft demo became a living installation, staging professional dancers and models in live Just Dance outfits. Ubisoft game makers also danced on stage with professional dancers, creating a stark contrast! Guess which Clippers player joined them? In my opinion, this activation made all the games, more relatable between game creators and users. Ubisoft game makers also played, “The Division,” and died in the game live!


Todd McFarlane at E3


3. Die-Hard Fans create buzz

Guess who else attended? Todd McFarlane, creator of Spiderman comics and action figure designer for Halo 3, amongst other games, signed comics in the center of the Ubisoft exhibit. He made Ubisoft one of the busiest exhibitors in the LA Convention Center. On top of that, one fan announced that she would get his autographed tattooed on her body. With tattoos being the new “in” trend, guess what the buzz was on that?

From my standpoint, Ubisoft’s E3 activation was highly successful, drawing international crowds from around the globe. As a first time E3’er, I really enjoyed this year’s event but I can’t wait to see what they bring to the 2013 Comic-Con in San Diego and the 2013 E-3. I think Ubisoft has a couple more tricks up their sleeve, don’t you?

MLG This Weekend

Major League Gaming makes its way back to Los Angeles this weekend: July 29-31. Thousands of young guys decent on the Anaheim Convention Center — armed with their Xbox, PS3 controllers, and keyboards — for three days of non-stop, hard-core competitive gaming.

Image Source: Dr. Pepper's Facebook Fan Page

For the fourth straight season, Rebel manages sponsorship activation for Dr Pepper at MLG events. Come see our team in action as the Dr Pepper Girls give out free sodas and prizes, and use their skills to whip the guys of MLG into a frenzy.

Image Source: Dr. Pepper's Facebook Fan Page

If your job involves marketing to teen boys and young men, you cannot afford to miss this. Send me a note if you're coming out and I'll show you around.

Sony's Telling Us "Step Your Game Up"?

In what appeared to be a 60/40 split between actual industry professionals and droves of goober, *oops*, I mean uber-gamers, the 3-day videogame tradeshow E3 has left LA just as swiftly as it had descended upon us... But not without plenty of online content for those who could not attend, provided by those privileged and/or crafty enough to enter the pearly gates of gamer heaven.

Who won the console war? While I desperately wanted to cheer for my former coworkers at Sony, I’m still trying to figure out which feature to consider “the big news” out of their 2-hour press conference.  I hope it wasn’t the 3-D software titles that required the funky glasses because Nintendo’s 3DS does not.  Was it all about accessories and the very phallic PlayStation Move that functions an awful lot like the Wii released 4 years ago?  SMH.  Was this supposed to extend the life of the PS3?  Did they really not know about Xbox’s controller-less Kinect available in time for holiday 2010?  (Eek, tail between Sony's legs.)  One good thing that came out of that press conference for me was discovering Jesper Kyd, composer for Assassins’ Creed (Ubisoft).  This is the kind of music that builds excitement, not 1994's “I like to ‘move’ it, ‘move’ it” that accompanied the sizzle reel for PlayStation Move.  (You pick, SMH or tail between the legs)

As for the convention center floor, I couldn’t see myself standing in hour-plus lines for anything.  I appreciated the booth babes (maybe not exactly in the same way as the boys did) and I gave them what they wanted – a friendly smile after a vertical scan of their goods. Thank you Spike TV for capturing the E3 booth babes and getting down to the important issues (how to successfully approach a booth babe).

I would have stood in line for Activision's concert featuring Eminem, Travis Barker and Rihanna (is this stuff really just for the trade?).  I’m upset I missed Russ, Red and Meth for their Def Jam/Konami mash up announcement and performance. I was happy to have my first experiences with the iPad though Josh and I were both perplexed by the ported iPhone apps that were clearly not optimized for iPad’s larger screen.  Moreover, how not fun are digital comics that don’t optimize the technology – even the open pinch zoom so that the comics would actually be legible? : X

Until next year, we move on to celebrate another Laker victory (oh yeah) and offer our photo recap of E3.

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