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Evil Monito // Down With Us

Mr. Kim reading 944 What comes to mind when you hear the word “tastemaker?” Is it a celebrity? The cool guy in the back of the class with the shades and leather jacket? The girl with 10,000 “friends?”

For me, it’s a dude like Rickey Kim. Rickey is the new editor of 944 Magazine’s LA edition. In only a couple months, he’s changed the face of the magazine, putting Common on a cover that’s usually reserved for models, and adding a bit of Eastside culture to a very Westside rag.

But wait, there’s more. Rickey is also the editor of Evil Monito, a very cool, very progressive fashion and culture online magazine.

And he writes a personal blog at Mr. Kim Says.

And he’s a partner in riottt.com, a blog network for urban tastemakers.

And he’s a snappy dresser.

We recently had one of our occasional sit-downs, and I got to hear more about his visions for all of his various ventures. This dude has a lot going on, and he seems to be getting it all done.

What I think separates Rickey from the rest of the hipster set is his level-headed approach to being on top of everything new and cool. Most of the guys doing a lot less than him are so caught up in their own swagger, they become caricatures of themselves. Rickey keeps it humble, and it seems he never sleeps.

Brands who belong at the cutting edge should probably be doing business with Rickey.