Divergent Spectrum Tour

Bassnectar Divergent Spectrum Tour 2011

Photo from: Bassnectar.net San Diego 9-10-11


I recently went to Bassnectar's Divergent Spectrum Tour featuring Z-TRIP, Big Gigantic and Amp Live with fellow Rebel, Mark Faicol, at the Rimac Arena in UCSD.

If you're not familiar, Bassnectar is a dubstep DJ/producer heavyweight. This guy is known for consistently playing in front of 5,000 to 10,000 people on a nightly basis. The same could be said for Z-TRIP.

Bassnectar's music is top notch, but his shows are phenomenal — high energy, the crowds get REALLY into it, and you can tell he even rocks out on his own set. What intrigues me the most is the massive turnouts for a musician who is supposedly underground.

I've been to several shows headlined by A-list celebrities like N.E.R.D., who didn't even pull a quarter of the crowd Bassnectar did. Sure, his stage show consisted of great opening acts, a flood of LCD screens, and a well timed confetti drop, but I still wonder how he's able to draw such massive crowds and make it look so natural and easy.

Other than the size of the crowd, Bassnectar's mastery of controlling the tempo and energy of the room was out of this world. There was a rhyme and reason for the specific placement of each and every song played, I suppose I've heard other DJs attribute this ability to their dedication to "vibraology" (the study of vibrations).

So in a nut shell that's what made this show interesting to me — aside from 5 thousand people straight wylin' out.