The Celebrity Vault // Down With Us

The Celebrity VaultSpecial spotlight on our host venue for Blend, sponsored by Puma. We've known Cole Sternberg, co-owner of The Celebrity Vault, for a couple years and have been to a handful of openings there, including Kim Porter's "The Rock N Roll Of Hip Hop," which featured hard-to-capture shots of Biggie, Jay-Z, TI, and others thanks to the insider access that comes with being Diddy's baby mama. Among other things, I really like the fact that Cole is a talented artist himself, which adds a bit of credibility. On the other hand, iconic photos of legendary rock stars and actors is pretty damn cool on its own.

Pop culture fans and corporate art buyers should definitely know about The Celebrity Vault. If you haven't been yet, stop by this Thursday and check us out at Blend - pick up tix before and save a couple bucks.

Rehabilitation, by Cole Sternberg James Dean, Giant, by Richard Miller Jimi Hendrix, Classic, by Gered Mankowitz

Introducing Blend // Headlines: Rebel Makes News

Blend InviteBlend kicks off this Thursday, October 15. This is an original concept I've been developing and I'm very excited to share it with you. I grew up around music and DJs. Used to spend much of the week looking forward to what was coming out on Tuesday, and then rush to the store with whatever money I had to make sure I was up on the latest vinyl. More recently, I would spend at least 5 nights a week listening, dancing, and connecting. These days, I've given up late nights for early morning yoga and quality time with friends. The appeal of keg cups and Patron shots have been replaced by a good glass of wine.

But good wine is hard to find, with more than 5,000 producers in the US, and several times that when you add in Europe, South America, etc. Wine marketing does a really poor job at helping us navigate the choices available, and the experts' appeal is limited mainly to the hard core. For those of us who like wine but aren't ready to make the commitment of taking classes or lots of trial and error, the simple task of having something enjoyable to drink can be pretty frustrating.

Enter Blend - debuting Thursday, October 15th at 7pm - which combines wine tasting with top DJs in stylish venues. Wines are selected by Erik Kelley of the Cheese Store of Beverly Hills, and once America's youngest sommelier. Music is selected by KCRW's Garth Trinidad, who collaborates with Erik on pairing — of sorts — the wine with the music.

We are grateful to have Puma as a charter sponsor, premiering the new AFRICA collection on Thursday. Our host venue is The Celebrity Vault, a Beverly Hills gallery specializing in contemporary art and iconic photographs of celebrities. Really cool stuff to look at.

We have a couple surprises planned as well, so I'd love it if you would come out and let us know what you think. Your feedback is essential as we grow this brand.

Tickets are $30 in advance and $40 at the door. There's also a VIP ticket available at $75. You can see all the details and purchase tickets at

Static Revenger World Premiere // Down With Us

dwhiteFrequent Rebel collaborator, sometimes guest blogger Dennis White is on fire. Not too many people can just as easily make music and video content for brands and music and video that makes people move on the dancefloor.

His new single, "I Like That," featuring mega DJ Richard Vission and sexy fun vocals from Luciana, is no exception. We're excited to have the world premiere of his video here. Watch it on Static Revenger's site.

Tiesto at Bare // On the Run

2We're at Bare - the topless pool lounge at the Mirage in Las Vegas. Surrounded by boobies, some of them clothed, many of them fake. Why are we here? Not that the boobies aren't enough, but we're watching Tiesto spin an unannounced afternoon set before his gig at Jet later tonight.

Who's Tiesto you ask? Only the world's biggest DJ, according to a number of different metrics. He's got a Guinness record to prove it, over a million Facebook fans, and a watch deal with Armani Exchange, and a shoe deal, and millions in annual touring revenues. Shall I continue?

Back to Vegas. The crowd here isn't a bunch of teens on ecstasy. It's 21 to about 45 from what I can tell, and at $1500 to rent a cabana for the day, this crowd has and spends money.

1We were in line to tell the doorman just how VIP we are, and the guys behind us were chatting up the girls behind them. "What brought you out today," one asks. The girl says, "We're here to see Tiesto." "No way!" The guys hi-five and go on for a bit about how much they love Tiesto.

The question is, if your job is marketing to younger adults, why aren't you partnering up with Tiesto? His crowd loves him, and as big as it is, it's still underground enough that they'll go out of their way to support the brands that support him.

Big up his to managers Michael and Josh for having us out, and to Mike and Maira Caren for making the trip with us.

Send me an email if you want help getting in touch with Tiesto.