Camarena Tequila

No ‘Brake’

Marketers give the food truck craze extra miles with social media integration.

“The assumption from some chefs is that they know how to make these recipes, so they’ll do it their way, but if you have consumers waiting a half hour for food, that’s a problem and you’re not going to leave the kind of brand impression you intended,” says Josh Levine, ceo at Rebel Industries. “It’s balancing fresh food and speedy service.” The goal is for consumers to linger for 10 minutes or so to discuss the product with brand ambassadors as they wait for their food.

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San Franciscans Roll Out For Camarena Tequila & Tacos In The City

Long and hot summer days are coming to an end soon, so who doesn't want to chase down one last hot one with a Camarena Tequila-infused taco and a drink (or three)? We joined hundreds of San Franciscans who flocked into The City to score the free treats and share in the hype, and the buzz.

Urban Daddy, San Francisco's e-mag that keeps city dwellers in the know, declared that every citizen should behold the taco truck's month long stop.

7x7 Online updated its online readers about the truck as one of their top picks for the best places to booze on the cheap in SF. Really, what could be better or cheaper than quality for free?!

SF Weekly Online offered their foodies a link to register for the ticketed launch party where the open bar lasted all night. Just in case you were a bit late to register before the party sold out, Twitter savvy Eater San Francisco pointed their followers in the right direction by tweeting a Camarena RT campaign offering "the first 25 people to retweet a special message about Camarena Tequila a free ticket and a +1 to the sold-out party."

Even the fashionable and chic were informed they should not miss this event via DailyCandy and their similar Twitter campaign that gave away free VIP +1 tickets to the first 50 followers who RT'd their post.


Familia Camarena’s Tequila Taco Truck in LA... “AUTOBOTS…ROLL OUT”; Okay, well the truck is not quite a transformer, but Camarena Tequila is transforming peoples views on using Tequila as a cooking ingredient.

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