Señor Kaos // Down With Us

Kaos runs Vintage Imperial marketing and blogs at The Kaos Effect. I know him as the cat who holds down Atlanta. He used to be our dude down there when we were doing events for Scion, and this summer he helped us with some market research for Honda. At that time, he put me up on some new terms like “swagger rap,” and “hipster hop.” I don’t know if he made those up or got them from somewhere, but what’s cool is that even though I’d never heard them before, I instantly knew what he was talking about.

He also gave some of the most astute analysis of what’s going on in urban culture and what brands can do to get in where they fit in.

I just heard his new tape, “Swagger is Nothing, Talent is Everything” available for download on his blog. Pretty hot for a dude I never knew was a rapper. I really liked his version of “Warm It Up, Kaos,” an twist on Big Daddy Kane’s classic. He’s definitely taking a page from the Jay-Z / Kanye / Wale style. Kinda what I would call talk-rap. But it’s interesting, and I really like the title. Check it.