12 Lessons in Entrepreneurship From the Underground

What's up Rebels! We've got some crazy knowledge to share with ya'll. 

When we launched Rebel Radio, we knew we were going to have interesting conversations with incredibly creative people who have built great careers by doing what they love. We knew we'd learn a lot about the inner game of making art for a living, about the music business, the art world, and probably share a few laughs with listeners.

But we didn’t realize we’d stumble across so many insights that are relevant not just to DJs and creatives, but to anyone trying to lead a creative life and build a career based on passion. 

We’re excited to share a small sample of those insights here, collected from our first 12 interviews. There are many more to discover if you listen to the full episodes. Let us know if you enjoy these and we’ll keep posting them as we go. 

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