Word on the Street: Episode One

It's finally done. This spring, Rebel Industries kicked off a new event series we're calling Word on the Street — interviews with top marketers who are setting the example for the rest of us in terms of genuine consumer engagement.

My first interview guest was Jonathan Anastas, VP of marketing at Activision. To a relatively full house at Santa Monica's 41 Ocean Club, Jonathan dropped science on how he steers a massive brand like Call of Duty as well what marketers do when their products, or budgets, call for more of a niche approach.

One of the nuggets of wisdom: He said that his job is to sell the first million copies of a new release, and that the folks who buy those will sell the next five million. How's that for evangelism?

Here's a video below of the highlights of our talk. For those of you who have time on your hands, you can also watch the full interview here.

If you're the reading type, we also have a Slideshare based on the talk. Check it out:

Stay tuned for more news on Word on the Street, or click here for more info: www.wordonthestreet.info