Rebel Presents... Word on the Street

Word on the Street
Word on the Street

I'm very excited to announce our new event series, Word on the Street. I'll be hosting conversations with marketers who are on the front lines of building authentic youth brands, digging into how they do what they do and what lessons the rest of us can take.

I've wanted to do this for a long time. I have a theory strong belief that what it takes to build a truly successful brand is to walk in sync with your customers, your audience. You have to be one with them. I preach this whenever my audience will allow, but truthfully, it too often falls on deaf ears. I get some lip service, but few marketers are willing to put in the time and effort required to really understand the people they're trying to market to.

Most marketers would much rather choose to believe the gross generalizations in a syndicated research or a superficial trend report than to go find out for themselves. They buy into big data without understanding the implications or dive headfirst into vats of social media snake oil, fingers crossed that the next big thing will solve their big problems.

Not everyone makes these mistakes. There are those who actually "get it," and those are the folks we're going to talk to as part of Word on the Street.

Our first event features Jonathan Anastas. As Vice President of Global Brand Marketing and Head of Digital and Social Media for Activision, Jonathan helped “Call of Duty: Black Ops 2” reach one billion dollars in sales in only 15 days, making it the world’s largest entertainment property for the fourth year running. Jonathan also contributed to Skylander’s $2 billion in sales and its three-year position as the #1 kid’s game and toy property.

That's serious business.

The event is Thursday, May 8th, in Santa Monica. If you want to join us in person, you can get tickets here.

Otherwise, we'll post the video in this space in a few days so you can watch online. Stay tuned for the next event.