What You Can Learn From A Three Year Old

My son says a lot of crazy shit. My Facebook friends already know this. He's about to turn four, and for the last year or so he has consistently blown my mind with funny, insulting, insightful, and generally just really honest comments.

One thing that stands out is that as he continues to learn to speak, he makes a lot of mistakes. That is, he violates the conventions of the English language, and it's often because the rules of our language violate the rules of common sense. For example, at a recent visit to the park, he reminisced:

"You throwed the ball, and I catched it."

As I started to correct him, I realized he was right, in a way. "Throwed" is a perfectly logical conjugation of "to throw." And it makes a ton more sense than "threw." Don't even get me started on "caught."

This blog is not about linguistics, so I won't go into the finer points here about how language will continuously evolve and change based on the actual usage by native speakers.

My point is that somewhere along the way, some guy (I'm guessing old white guys) decided that the word was "threw" and not "throwed." In doing so, they made life harder, albeit possibly just a tiny bit harder, for potentially billions of consumers of the English language to buy their product.

You might do well to ask yourself what rules you've set up, or accepted without questioning, that make it harder for people to buy from you, to engage with your brand, or to evangelize your message.

Think about it. Or give us a call and we can help you figure out what's standing in the way of success and how to clear the path.