How to Handle Bad News

I had a tough call the other day.

We've been handling trade show activation for one of our clients. It's a pretty sizable account for us. Last week, the client called to say that although she and her bosses are very happy with the work we've done for them, they have decided to change strategic directions and forego any trade shows for the immediate future. That last sentence cost us multiple six figures.

She explained the rationale and it made perfect sense. If it was my money, I would have made the same decision.

I let her know that I agree with the decision. To be clear, she didn’t need me to agree, and it wasn't even her decision. But I saw the opportunity to continue to be on the client’s side and at the same time demonstrate that we think like they think. My intention was to give my client more confidence that she has the right partner when the next opportunity presents itself.

Rebel's core values include being Of Service. I saw this moment of adversity a perfect opportunity to put that to work.