Taco Trucks

MediaPost was kind enough to mention our Camarena Taco Truck program in a recent article. The article credits us with pioneering the branded taco truck. I'm not sure if that's true, but I do know that Camarena's approach is very different from what Dos Equis is doing.


The Dos Equis truck offers consumers the chance to taste "foods" they may never have tried. Or may never want to try. Crickets, hog stomach...


By comparison, the idea behind the Camarena truck is rooted in authenticity. The idea was not about handing stuff out; it was all about tapping into local communities in relevant ways and making a contribution to the culture. To do that, we partnered with reputable local chefs in each market and asked them to create recipes that they would be proud to serve, which happened to include Camarena Tequila as a key ingredient.


I get the other approach: cut through the clutter. But in most cases, I don't like it. Brands will get a lot more value out of creating value for consumers. Fit in to a community, and make a contribution, and you have a much better shot at earning fans and customers.