Content Matters: The Difference Between Charlie Sheen and Food Trucks

The food truck explosion has offered a fantastic example of the power of social media combined with great food in a real-time mobile setting. What used to be called the 'roach coach' is now the it thing that everyone wants to be a part of... What's the secret? Well, it starts with great content, both the actual food itself and the social media marketing. From the beginning the idea has bubbled from the ground up -- people loving the food, sharing pics and videos, telling friends, finding the next stop on Twitter. Guaranteed rocket to stardom. If either the food or the marketing content failed to measure up, we'd be telling a different story.

Yes, content matters. Just ask Hollywood and Broadway -- century old business models that may be flawed in many respects, but when it comes to delivering content that matters, they are the pros. Turning entertainment content into cash from adoring fans is a complex undertaking. When it all comes together, it's simply magic. There really is no business like show business.

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