Smart Tour Sponsorship Gives You Wings: Mazda, Converse, Redbull and You

“A-list artists have always gotten sponsorships and probably always will, because something about human nature makes us want to give money to people who don’t need it.” That’s Josh Levine retelling every starving artist’s nightmare, the one where the evil Bieber gets all the spoils. But there’s a trickle-down effect on corporate/pop economics. “As consumers become more savvy, those big deals mean less and less,” says Levine, who’s the CEO of experiential marketing agency Rebel Industries. “A banner on stage or tour website just becomes part of the clutter.”

Levine’s clients, which include Microsoft, Reebok, T-Mobile, Warner Bros., Absolut and Mazda, realize that most Americans are sick of advertising. That’s why they come to him: He knows how to put them face-to-face with the people they want to speak to when they are enjoying themselves. Such as when they listen to music.

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