Herbie Hancock and Facebook

We're at dinner last night and Jihaad noticed Herbie Hancock sitting at the table next to us. If you don't know who that is, please stop reading now. For the rest of us, or at least for me, Herbie is a living legend. We talked about buying his dinner, but he was at a big table, so we sent over a couple desserts as an expression our respect.

Meanwhile, I opened TweetDeck and posted "Sitting next to herbie hancock at dinner" to both Twitter and Facebook.

A while later, I looked down at my phone and a friend had responded "Wish him happy birthday" (thanks Nicole for the tip). As I'm reading that to the table, Mr. Hancock got up to thank us for the desserts. We all replied "Happy Birthday!" and had a brief chat with him. It was a social media moment.

Why am I telling you this?

Because this kind of serendipity is only possible when you live your brand. I'm active in social media because I've always been socially active. It's an accurate reflection of how I live and how I do business. And it has always benefitted me.

What's the benefit, you might ask?

Well, in this case, I'm not tracking metrics. Time spent on Twitter vs. # of childhood heroes I've gotten to meet. It's just part of my process.

How do you make living your brand part of your process? Leave a comment or post Herbie a birthday wish.