Zappos Insights

If you've heard me talk about companies that get it, you've probably heard me talk about Zappos. Although the company is famous in social media circles for effective use of Twitter, the real genius behind Zappos is its approach to customer service and company culture.

Zappos knows that company culture is at the heart of business success. Read more about this in The Cluetrain Manifesto, or drop me a line and I'll talk your ear off about it. Basically, there are a bunch of reasons why this is true and important, but as it relates to marketing let's assume that the people who work for your company probably love your brand, or at least they should love your brand, and empowering them to help you spread the word is essential in this word-of-mouth era.

But I digress. Zappos gets it so right that they've launched Zappos Insights, a membership community through which they're teaching other companies how to learn from what has worked for them. Why would they do this?

1. It will probably help them sell more shoes. After all the new brand is still called Zappos, so time spent with them thinking about your business is time spent thinking about their business, which means you may be more likely to use them next time you need a pair of kicks.

2. They really believe in what they preach, and want to help other companies. This is abundance mentality at its finest — the idea that the better we all do, the better we can all do in the future.

3. They'll make money. The service is fee-based, and while the price is pretty reasonable, a lot of the materials will be distributed through the cloud (no doubt new-parent Amazon's cloud) and are constructed from what they're already doing.

To quote Merlin Mann, this is just another great example of "the opportunities that come out of being excellent at what you do."

I joined, and I'm sure I'll be sharing insights throughout the year. Excited to see what they have in store. Leave comments here and I'll be sure to keep you updated.