Red Bull // Down With Us

Screen shot 2010-02-17 at 8.24.49 AMRed Bull Stash was a Facebook-powered scavenger hunt that enables fans to find Red Bull Energy Shots hidden around the country. It seems like brands are launching social media campaigns every day, so why is this one "Down With Us" and not a Worst Practice?

Simple. Red Bull Stash is a give back to the community of loyal fans, over one million of whom have "friended" the brand on Facebook. Now, we don't generally give too much weight to friend counts, but in Red Bull's case, we happen to know that they have real fans all over the world who really love the brand. And part of the reason they do is that Red Bull has always taken giving back very seriously.

It seems that building community isn't just about getting a lot of people to watch your ads. It's about treating them like real people you want to have relationships with. Give back early and often, and carry that spirit into all of your communications. The payoff is significant.