Super Bowl Ads

super-bowl-trophyWill.I.Am My Generation Super Bowl Flo TVRebel client Flo TV had an ad in the Super Bowl. Three actually. The one you see here has remaking The Who's "My Generation" while iconic moments from TV's history flash on the screen. The message: buy Flo TV's portable TV device and you won't miss the memorable moments in the future.

While I'm not much of a believer in Super Bowl ads, or TV ads, or TV, I'm always fascinated by the affect all the pressure has on the creative output we see. When stakes are at their highest, creatives tend to do some of their best — and worst — work. Some standouts...

Bud always tries to dominate, whether by trotting out the clydesdales or captivating us with its own Bud Bowl. This year it seemed like the strategy was to pelt us with a bunch of random crap. Feels like Michelob Ultra stole the show with its lone Lance Armstrong ad. Although someone at my party asked, if you've just burned 10,000 calories, do you really have to drink Michelob Ultra? My guess is Lance has earned his Chimay, or at least a Shiner.

On the other hand, the Boost Mobile Super Bowl Shuffle was a complete waste of money. For those of you who don't remember (which I'm sure is most of you), the Bears made the Super Bowl Shuffle popular for about 10 seconds back in the '80s. Boost's target is mainly Gen Y, who probably wasn't watching the Super Bowl and definitely doesn't care.

As a lifelong 49ers fan, I can't believe Skechers used Joe Montana to hawk its Shape Ups, MBT ripoff. I'd say Joe should be ashamed, but this is the guy who spent all of his celebrity clout in the 90s pitching the similarly uncool LA Gear.

Perhaps the worst creative fumble in my opinion was the two marketers who appear to have been sucked in by the "no pants" phenomenon. You may be familiar with the No Pants Subway Ride. These guys certainly are — the creatives behind Dockers and Career Builder both took the same concept of making all the actors take their pants off. The worst part: the ads ran back-to-back (pun intended). Dockers, whose ad ran second must really be chaffed (sorry).

You can watch all the ads at USA Today.

What did you think? Which were your favorite ads? Biggest letdowns? Got any great ideas for how these companies might have put their money to better use? Share them with us here.