Who's Buying Online // Reading for Rebels

If you're in the business of selling stuff online, or advertising stuff online, you have to watch this video.

Here Guy Kawasaki walks four young people and Anastasia Goodstein through a series of questions about their actual online behaviors and what they think their behaviors might be, to answer the question: "Will anyone pay for anything?"

The simple answer is no, with a couple exceptions. And then Anastasia shared some study data that seems pretty disconnected from reality. Without spoiling the plot completely, these kids suggest that most of your efforts to sell and market online are probably for naught.

They also offer a little bit of insight into what they do value, which is stuff they're already into, and how to get them to pay up, which is to build something incredible (X-Box Live).

Okay, let's assume the four thieves on stay with Guy don't represent all of Gen Y. But if your job is to market to Gen Y, wouldn't you want to find out for certain just how accurate a picture they paint? Are you still relying on syndicated studies that give you generic answers, or are you really getting to know your audience for real?