Technology is not the Problem // Random Thoughts

kindle_newyorktimes__v3379632_You may have seen this New York Times article making the controversial statement that the DVR may be helping, rather than hurting TV ratings. They say this as a great revelation, as if to say that of course we all know that the DVR is in fact killing TV, which makes the proclamation breaking news. The article asserts that many people record the shows and actually sit through the commercials. In a single paragraph, the venerable Times has solved the advertising industry's woes.

If only life were that simple.

Let's forget about the fact that a growing number of us are letting the commercials play because we're checking email, Twitter, Facebook, AIM, text messages, or any number of other activities on our phones and computers.

The harsher truth is that for an increasingly savvy audience, it doesn't matter whether we see the commercials or not. We're not going to be swayed by silly jingles or celebrity shills. We could skip through the shows and watch only the commercials, we still wouldn't buy your products that have no soul, that are the same as everything else on the shelf next to you. We're simply smarter than that.

Successful marketers need to think beyond "cutting through the clutter," and "disruption." Assume for a minute that you do have our attention. Now what are you going to say?