Garth Trinidad // Down With Us

Garth Trinidad, playing tonight at BlendOur goal with Blend — which kicks off tonight in Los Angeles — is to reinvent the concept of wine tasting and make it more interesting for sophisticated urban audiences. The idea started out of a frustration with the current choices and then a realization that music and wine have a lot more in common that we might think. The tools are different, and of course so is the output. Musicians have their instruments and a limited number of notes to choose from, DJs their record collections. Winemakers choose between a few grapes and are married to the land. In each case, what they make is a direct result of their philosophy — what they believe wine should taste like, or music should sound like. And in both cases, the results have the potential to move us in profound ways.

It seems fitting, then, that Garth Trinidad is our DJ for the kickoff event. In his bio on, it reads... "He hunts for pure sounds - dirty, sexy, raw, rhythmic, and dynamic, from classic rock, roots reggae, and samba, to jazz, electronica, hip hop, and house."

Clearly, this is a guy whose DJing is driven by philosophy. In fact, in an era when many DJs abandon their own musical tastes in order to fill dance floors by playing the popular sounds du jour, Garth has enjoyed a long and successful career by doing just the opposite. On his radio show at KCRW, and at countless clubs and private events, Garth consistently ignores the boundaries of convention in search of a more meaningful experience.

We are grateful to have him on the decks tonight, and excited to see how his philosophy blends with the great old world wines from Livio Felluga and Capezzana. Come out and see for yourself. Tickets available at the door or here.

Thanks again to Puma for making Blend possible.