The Celebrity Vault // Down With Us

The Celebrity VaultSpecial spotlight on our host venue for Blend, sponsored by Puma. We've known Cole Sternberg, co-owner of The Celebrity Vault, for a couple years and have been to a handful of openings there, including Kim Porter's "The Rock N Roll Of Hip Hop," which featured hard-to-capture shots of Biggie, Jay-Z, TI, and others thanks to the insider access that comes with being Diddy's baby mama. Among other things, I really like the fact that Cole is a talented artist himself, which adds a bit of credibility. On the other hand, iconic photos of legendary rock stars and actors is pretty damn cool on its own.

Pop culture fans and corporate art buyers should definitely know about The Celebrity Vault. If you haven't been yet, stop by this Thursday and check us out at Blend - pick up tix before and save a couple bucks.

Rehabilitation, by Cole Sternberg James Dean, Giant, by Richard Miller Jimi Hendrix, Classic, by Gered Mankowitz