Makin' Babies // Random Thoughts

baby boyYou may have noticed I haven't written much lately. If not, hey, thanks for nothing! I've been a little busy. My son Justin was born on September 20th. Since then, I've been juggling a bunch of new priorities within my family in addition to my old priorities. On a personal note, I'll tell you this is the most fun I've ever had, and mostly it's sitting around and staring at a dude who barely even knows I'm here. For a rationalist like myself, the feelings are tough to comprehend.

For business, this event has sent me another clear message that I have to focus my time and energy in the areas where I can create the most value. There has never been time to waste, and now especially so.

Hopefully, this means my posts will become that much more poignant, delivering high insight-per-word and maximizing my time spent writing, and yours reading. On the other hand, I may be tempted to detour occasionally into the role of doting father or ask for parenting advice. If I do, feel free to slap me.