Marketing Playlist for Wk Ending 8.28 // Reading for Rebels

Picture-41-300x189What we think you should be reading: Who Exactly is Your Competition? - Influential Marketing Blog Don't make the mistake of thinking your competition is just those that do or make the same thing you do. This post talks about Location, Emotion and Experience competition.

Interviewing a Job Applicant - Seth Godin We've got a few friends that have landed new gigs lately, so thought this post might prove useful for those of you on the other side of the desk. Here are some great insights from Mr. Godin on how to interview applicants right... and not waste time.

Ikea Really Did It - Fast Company We've all heard (and seen) the hubbub around Ikea switching to the dreaded Verdana font. Fast Company features some other fonts that seem to spark anger. Can't we all just get along?

Half of You Connect with Brands - Mashable Mashable discusses eMarketers report which says - yes, people are connecting with brands through the use of social media. Um, we know. But, it's always nice to see a report.