Marketing Playlist for week of 8.3 // Reading for Rebels

Picture-41-300x189Top 5 things you should be reading this week: Google is top global brand - BrandZ brand preference 2009 research study is out and Google is "top global brand" which is no surprise. What is interesting is how they determined it: three factors all based on earnings. Isn't there a bit more than just earnings that make a brand successful?

Netflix and their culture of success - Web Strategist Yeah, slide presentations aren't the most fun to read, but take some time to check out Netflix's slides on how they foster a culture of success with their employees. Successful branding programs require committed employees to dream them up and execute them - Netflix has it right.

Bear Shaving? - Seth Godin While not exactly a newsy piece, one of our favorite brains uses "bear shaving" as an example of how we get to a solution without actually attacking the problem - are you guilty of this?

Invention is not innovation - Matthew E. May Following the same the same theme, Mr. May discusses how companies mistake invention for innovation.

The 4 C's - Rebel Industries And finally - yes, we wrote this piece in February, so it's not exactly news for this week, but a colleague described a client issue they were tackling and it reminded us that too many companies still focus on the 4 P's (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) and not the new rules of branding, the 4 C's - Customer, Community Content, Contribution.

What else are YOU reading this week? Let us know.