Marketing Playlist for week of 7.27 // Reading for Rebels

Picture-41-300x189Top 5 things you should be reading this week:

New Chris Anderson book -
Check out Chris Anderson's (author of NYT bestseller The Long Tail) new book: Free - The Future of a Radical Price. Of special note is how he's released it... free in all digital forms after the hardcover release.

Emailers using Twitter more than Facebook
- Steve Rubel
Steve Rubel (Edelman Digital) posts an interesting stat on his Lifestream (by the way, anyone migrating from blogging to Lifestreaming?) that Twitter has surpassed Facebook as the embedded link in email marketing campaigns. Is this true for you?

Thoughts on Amazon buying Zappos - Ries' Pieces
Interesting opinion on why the Amazon purchase of isn't good for either brand.

Advances in digital business card sharing - Influential Marketing Blog
New social networking service, Poken, allows instant exchange of digital business cards. Your info is stored in a small USB, and by simply touching someone else's, your info is exchanged.

And finally, a little light branding piece from Time on the focus of what kind of beer will be served at the White House beer summit, earlier this week. We saw a mention that Boston-based Sam Adams was arguing that because the incident took place in Boston, their beer should be front and center. Wait, we thought this was about something else...