Marketing Playlist for week of 7.20 // Reading for Rebels


Top 5 things you should be reading this week:

Small Businesses on Twitter — I don't know why they're surprised. Small companies are usually the ones who teach us how to use new marketing tools.

Marketers, Public Disagree About Twitter — Isn't this kind of like how they disagree about TV, banner ads, telemarketing? Hey marketers, when you and your customers disagree, guess who wins.

Your Brand is an Island — Seth gets it right again. Treat your customers as if you're stranded on an island together. In other words, stop pissing them off as if you have an endless supply of people to replace them.

More Musicians Jumping Ship — As we've been saying (and doing) for years, more and more music acts are realizing that giving most of their money and control of their careers over to record labels just doesn't make sense.

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Last, check out Forbes Magazine's coverage of our newest event series for the high net worth market.