Marketing Playlist for Week of 7.13 // Reading for Rebels

Picture 4Here's what we've been reading (and digging) this week: Reverb: The Real Secret to Marketing With Social Media - Fast Company Reverb’s not just an indie-rock word, it’s a great way to describe the impact your use of social media has on your brand. Plus, this article is by Rohit Bhargava and we make a point to read his words whenever possible.

Best new way to make an internal saleSeth Godin Trying to get an idea across to a boss or team that’s not getting it? Throw away your powerpoint and do this

Twitter Testing Contextual Advertising SystemAdRants Will this be how Twitter finally makes money?

Refresher Course: Broken WindowsBrand Autopsy A broken window in a storefront makes you think it’s a broken business. Does your brand have any broken windows?