Mine Magazine Part 2 // Don't Believe The Hype

Mine MagazineSecond issue of Mine came today. Let's see if they did any better than the first issue... My name in the Lexus ad upfront: check. By the way, the ad is for an RX. Shouldn't they know I'm a sedan guy?

Articles: - What to eat in New Orleans: not bad - Buyers guide to reusable shopping bags: is there anyone who'd be interested in reading that? Ditto the history of credit cards, and the one-pager on why the $100 bill is too easy to counterfeit. Unless it's a how-to, why would we care? - Recipes for roast beef leftovers: I don't eat meat - How to make strawberry-lemon mojitos: I don't drink hard alcohol - Bob Dylan retrospective: I'm into hip hop - Environmentally conscious architecture round-up: This one was worth about 30 seconds to scan - Five pages on building a bond portfolio: Shouldn't this be an interactive tool so I can just make it happen?

My name in the Lexus ad on the back page (also for the RX): check.

I don't know if this issue was worse than the first, but maybe my expectations are too high that over time they'll start to get it. If they cared, a simple reader survey would tell them enough about me to dig into their recyclable content archives and spit out something that at least has a shot.

What they should be doing is using one of the great conversation monitoring tools out there to learn what I'm interested in by seeing what I'm talking about on Twitter, Facebook, Blip.FM, and here on this blog. That's all automated, and could easily help create something that actually is mine.

A lesson here, similar to the one for the guys at GM: Just calling it Mine doesn't really make it mine. It's still yours, and you can keep it.