Lakers // Don't Believe The Hype

6a00d83451e1dc69e2010536ed62f6970c-800wiListening to NPR this morning, two stories jumped out. No, it wasn't the latest on Jon and Kate — one was about California's raging debt and the power struggle between congress and Conan's office. The second was our NBA Champion Lakers, and more specifically, their upcoming victory parade which will cost the team and the city each $1,000,000.

What?! Worse yet, the story continued, a chunk of that money is needed to pay the rent for the Coliseum, where the parade will terminate.

Do you know where I'm going with this? Of course, I'm not Laker hating, and of course, I see the value of celebrating the good times in the midst of the bad. But 2 million bucks? How many teachers does that keep employed who will otherwise be fearing for their jobs?

First: Someone needs to tell the Coliseum that loaning the space is their contribution to the city. Period. Want me to make the call?

Second: Over here we've been producing events for more than a decade and have a bit of a knack for creating the best possible experiences at the lowest possible prices. Not that we're the value player, but we have developed an allergy to wasting money. Let us handle this one, and you can donate the leftovers to something more important.