Tiesto at Bare // On the Run

2We're at Bare - the topless pool lounge at the Mirage in Las Vegas. Surrounded by boobies, some of them clothed, many of them fake. Why are we here? Not that the boobies aren't enough, but we're watching Tiesto spin an unannounced afternoon set before his gig at Jet later tonight.

Who's Tiesto you ask? Only the world's biggest DJ, according to a number of different metrics. He's got a Guinness record to prove it, over a million Facebook fans, and a watch deal with Armani Exchange, and a shoe deal, and millions in annual touring revenues. Shall I continue?

Back to Vegas. The crowd here isn't a bunch of teens on ecstasy. It's 21 to about 45 from what I can tell, and at $1500 to rent a cabana for the day, this crowd has and spends money.

1We were in line to tell the doorman just how VIP we are, and the guys behind us were chatting up the girls behind them. "What brought you out today," one asks. The girl says, "We're here to see Tiesto." "No way!" The guys hi-five and go on for a bit about how much they love Tiesto.

The question is, if your job is marketing to younger adults, why aren't you partnering up with Tiesto? His crowd loves him, and as big as it is, it's still underground enough that they'll go out of their way to support the brands that support him.

Big up his to managers Michael and Josh for having us out, and to Mike and Maira Caren for making the trip with us.

Send me an email if you want help getting in touch with Tiesto.