Brandweek // Headlines: Rebel Makes News

6a00d8341c51c053ef010536b4a73b970c-115wiLast week, Brandweek magazine's branding blog, featured your humble servant in an article about Dr Pepper's participation in Major League Gaming. You may have seen me talk about the DP/MLG project here before, and as I'm sure you know I'm a huge fan of the concept of big brands playing in small ponds where their contributions can truly make a difference. Well, as the article astutely mentions, MLG's pond is getting bigger and bigger, around 15,000 attendees at this month's season opener, and an online audience brandfreak4that rivals a decent cable TV show. Gaming may never be the next baseball or basketball, but it could certainly be high up on an expanded list of sports that have significant followings.

Dr Pepper gets props for recognizing the competitive gaming segment early on and taking action. The kids there are wide open and welcome the free soda and the attention. They're excited — not just willing — to engage with the brand, which is exactly the goal.