Mazik Saevitz // Down With Us

Mazik in front of Urth Cafe I’ve known Mazik for most of my career. I was making my way up as a music journalist (sometimes) called Felix The Cat, and he was half of a proud-to-be-Jewish rap duo called Blood of Abraham, signed to Eazy-E's label. They never made it.

Actually, that depends on how you look at it. Mazik and his partner Benyad were clearly talented, and that was acknowledged by many of their peers, a lot of people in the industry, and a core following of true hip hop heads.

They just never sold very many records. Or got a lot of radio play. Mazik remembers my boy Mike Caren, now EVP of A&R at Atlantic Records, once telling his group they needed to change their name. Maybe he was right.

These guys are true artists, and they never gave up their craft, just changed to a different medium. These days, Mazik — through his company Self Aviary — has been shooting music videos for big names like T.I., Everlast, and J Dilla. He and Benyad both represent a new generation of directors who are both super creative and commercial at the same time. They could be the next Spike Jonze, Michel Gondry, or maybe just great directors in their own right.

Jihaad and I had tea with Mazik at Urth Caffe just to get caught up. He’s interested in shooting video content for brands who can make use of his creative vision and guerilla production-style. I’d hire him in a second to create some viral or otherwise innovative videos.

One of the things we love to do at Rebel is connect brands with creative people like Mazik. Let me know if you need something like that and we'll put it together.