The 4-Ps are not the 4-Cs // Random Thoughts

Anyone who has ever taken a marketing class knows that the 4-Ps are the foundation of old school marketing.

Product // Price // Place // Promotion

This is based on the basic idea that you need to tell people about yourself in order for them to give you money and that you are somehow in control of the relationship. Thinking this way in today’s environment can be best described with the 3-Ws:

Wrong // Wrong // Wrong

When distribution was limited, price and place were crucial. When brands were in control, product and promotion were the most important ways to reach consumers.

Today, understanding and embracing the 4-Cs is where the leverage exists. It’s not that the other things don’t matter, but they are not nearly as important.

In case you were asleep, the new 4-Cs of marketing:

Customer // Community // Content // Contribution

Or see my previous post defining the 4-Cs here. Then take a look at your strategy and notice whether it’s built around the old 4-Ps or the new 4-Cs. If you want, send me your marketing plan and I’ll show you how to flip the model around to the right direction.