Surfrider Strikes Back // Down With Us

Farmer's Market Condoms, via Presumably, the Surfrider Foundation guys are angry. And why wouldn't they be? People are always dumping shit on their front lawn (actually, ocean), so to speak. Well, their latest tactic is to give us a taste of our own medicine, planting neatly packaged doses of refuse among the brussels at farmers' markets, as spotted here by the surely offended, probable clean freaks at Kempt.

Why we love this: Because it demonstrates that Surfrider understands the essence of being guerilla: bending the rules, being true to yourself, spending money wisely, and making a statement. Unlike PETA, who hasn't woken up to the fact that naked celebrities are no longer news, Surfrider is finding new ways to create buzz.

Sure, putting trash in with our food is disgusting, but so is the pollution they're protesting.